Croton Sportsmen For Youth And Disabled Veterans is an organization established in 2010 with the intention of reaching out to disabled veterans and youth, enabling them to experience out of doors activities they may not be able to enjoy without such assistance. We became a 501(C)(3) public charity in late 2016 enabling us to receive tax free status.

VeteransCroton Sportsman For Youth And Disabled Veterans - Veterans at American Legion Post 381

We are involved with the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, reaching out to as many veterans as they can bring to us here in Croton river country.

YouthCroton Sportsman For Youth And Disabled Veterans - Youth learning Archery skills.

As an organization found on helping others to enjoy activities available within our community we have volunteered ourselves for the Croton Summer Recreation program

Hunter SafetyCroton Sportsman For Youth And Disabled Veterans - Youth learning hunter safety

We have state and NRA certified instructors on our staff. They are volunteers, as are all of the adults involved. We teach firearm safety with pellet guns and archery safety.

We are only able to reach out to those groups covered by their own liability insurance, which we cannot afford at this time, one of our goals is to obtain such insurance to allow us to reach out to the individual families and participate in assisting them in doing this type of activity.