Working with the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans to bring us as many residents as they can for a day of fishing on Croton or Hardy pond.

We then set out on Croton or Hardy pond which are the back waters of the mighty Muskegon rivers running though Croton township Michigan, where we will enjoy a day of fishing and of course telling stories of the one that got away and probably wouldn’t have fit on the boat anyway.
We assemble as many pontoons as needed to accommodate two vets and staff on each.

We, along with assistance from local sponsors supply a bag lunch, water and bait for all.
We do this several times a season ending with a fish fry banquet in September at the American Legion here in Croton, where we will enjoy the bounty caught during the seasons trips out. And once again tell stories that have now grown out of proportion. Way out!
2018 Veterans fish fry banquet

Today’s fish fry banquet signifies the end of our fishing season with the vets, and the beginning of a new segment in CSYDV activities. This fall we will be inviting the vets to our shooting range where we will enjoy a camp fire hotdogs and shooting activities. This has been in the plan for several years and now becoming a reality thanks to the ongoing sponsorship from Safari Club International (Michigan Chapter).