Whitetails Unlimited 2018 champion sponsor. Dec 3 2018

Whitetails Unlimited became our 2018 champion sponsor, donating $2500 to help with the renovation of the building space donated for the classroom. We still need about $6500? To make it happen. On the pages of our website you will find a donation section. Every little bit helps and it’s tax deductible, please consider a donation, 100% goes towards the kids and disabled veterans.
Thank you

Dec. 6 2018
We are currently excepting donations of gently used or new sporting goods camping, fishing, hunting etc.

We are currently excepting donations of gently used or new sporting goods camping, fishing, hunting etc., for our annual fundraiser, taking place at the Dam to Dam fishing tournament in February 2019, (Croton Michigan.) All proceeds are used for the youth and disabled veterans. Equipment can be dropped off at M & J Hardware in Croton and need to be there no later than December 31st. If the turn out of equipment is small, we will hold on to it for the following year or return it to the donors. If anyone is interested in a monetary donation please visit our website at CSYDV.org there you will find a go fund me box at the bottom of each page. Thank you in advance for your support

Oct. 2018 Our attempt to put together an archery day for the veterans this fall.

Hello everyone, we have completed the restroom, however my call to Grand Rapids Veterans Facility was not what we hoped for. They unfortunately for us are booked for October and feel the weather in November would not be pleasant. So we will not be hanging out this fall. On the other hand they have lots of things to do, it’s all good. We have plenty in the works, continuous improvement. Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers for another great year. God bless you all and have a great holiday season we’ll see you all in the spring.

2018 Veterans fish fry banquet

Today’s fish fry banquet signifies the end of our fishing season with the vets, and the beginning of a new segment in CSYDV activities. This fall we will be inviting the vets to our shooting range where we will enjoy a camp fire hotdogs and shooting activities. This has been in the plan for several years and now becoming a reality thanks to the ongoing sponsorship from Safari Club International (Michigan Chapter).

September 11, 2018 Outdoor restroom facility update

On our last update we had the interior wall paneling and the exterior siding installed and ready for a roof. We now have our roof completed, skylights and all. We have also accomplished some work on the interior. We have the seat, urinal and stall partition installed. We are down to the finishing touches. Due to the fact that this will be a complete handicap accessible restroom. We still need to install our proper grab rails. After that it’s just the door and paint.

Thank you to Safari Club International (Michigan chapter) for their continued support. It is that generously that made this possible.

September 8 / 9 Hunter Safety Class

Our last hunter safety class in 2018. Great turnout, vary good students it was a pleasure having them. Thank you to our sponsors for their support, they make it possible for the class to take place free of charge. Our 2018 champion sponsor Whitetails Unlimited and to our longtime sponsor Safari Club International (Michigan chapter). We are vary great full for their generosity. Special thank you to our local Conservation Officer Mike Wells for making time to address the class and assist with the field day segment. We wish all of our students a safe and successful hunt. Once again thank you on behalf of CSYDV.

August 30 2018 – New Outdoor restroom facility project up date

Taking advantage of a nice cool day, we were able to get back to our building project. We now have the siding on the outside in the interior lining done. We are ready for a roof! Below are some pictures of today’s progress.

August 21st 2018 – Fishing with our Veterans

To day was our last scheduled fishing trip with the vet’s, we were rained out and the vet’s opted out on lunch at the legion. We needed the rain and this is the first time we ever had to make that call, had it not been for the red and yellow spots on the radar we may have went. Looking forward, we are in the planning stages for quality time with the vet’s this fall, when the restroom is finished. We will enjoy archery and other shooting activity’s at the range and perhaps a fire and cookout. Thank you to all you volunteers that were ready and waiting, without you and our sponsors it would be difficult to make this happen.

Aug 1st 2018- Croton Summer Recreation for Kids – Making Ice Cream in the park

Aug 1, 2018
August first, beautiful day for ice cream in the park with the summer recreation group. The kids and staff enjoyed the hand made vanilla ice cream and all the toppings. It was our last event with the kids in 2018 hope to see you all next year. Best wishes in the up coming school year.

July 24th 2018 – Moving forward on our Outdoor restroom facility project

July 24th 2018
We are moving forward on our outdoor restroom facility. We will let today’s pictures tell the story. Like to thank our volunteers and the Michigan chapter of Safari Club International. It is their help that makes a project like this possible

July 23rd 2018- Croton Summer Recreation for Kids – Crossbow

July 23, 2018
CSYDV Youth crossbow shoot.
Croton Summer Recreation program and the Tri-County kids, assembled at our range for our crossbow shoot this morning. Was a bit damp but cool, no one melted. Perfect for the out door activity. The kids and staff enjoyed the time spent together learning the safe handling of crossbows and the shooting  instructions provided by our staff. A special thanks to Red Arrow Archery and a huge thank you to our volunteers and there’s for helping too make all these smiles. See you next season.

July 10 2018 – New Floor for Outdoor restroom facility project

Today with help from many volunteers we were able to pour the floor for our new Outdoor restroom facility. We would like to thank our volunteers for their help today. And a big thank you to Michigan Chapter of Safari club international, it is their support that made this project possible. We will be posting more updates as this project moves along.

July 9th 2018- Croton Summer Recreation for Kids – Compound Bow

Setting up for the Croton summer recreation program for kids. Today is compound bow day with the summer rec kids. The bus showed up today with 29 kids eager for a chance to shoot a compound bow. It was a great day to be in the outdoors.

June 25th 2018- Croton Summer Recreation for Kids – Pellet Gun

We had our pellet gun day with the Croton summer recreation for kids. The weather was beautiful for a day at the gun range. We had enough time that most of the kids that wanted to shoot a 2nd time were able to. Some of these kids have never shot a pellet gun before, and others put 5 rounds in the bull’s-eye.

June 12, 2018 – Fishing with the Veterans

Today was our June fishing with the veterans day. It turned out to be more of a boat ride with the veterans. Fishing was really slow. It was a nice day for the veterans to get out and enjoy a day on the water. We all had fun even though we did not catch hardly any fish.

June 7, 2018 – New Outdoor restroom facility project

We are happy to announce that today we broke ground on our new Outdoor restroom facility! Yes I know that an Outdoor restroom facility does not sound very exciting. However, it will open up new opportunities for us to better serve our community. It is designed to be totally handicapped accessible. And yes that does mean wheelchairs too. This will allow us to include disabled veterans from the Grand Rapids home to be able to use our shooting range. Without this facility that cannot happen. So this will open the door to another fun outdoor activity for our disabled veterans. It will also be very beneficial on the days when we have the Croton summer rec program kids at our range for their activities.

May 21, 2018 – Fishing with the Veterans

Today was our May fishing trip with the vets. The rain stopped just in time for the Vets arrival. With the rain out of the way the weather turned nice. The fishing was a little slow. We all had a good time, sure is nice to be back out on the water.

We’d like to thank everyone who made today possible.
Thank you