Hunter safety information

Our staff consists of two state/NRA certified instructors as well as several volunteers that are seasoned hunters. We are committed to teaching the youth safe handling of firearms/archery equipment and to be responsible and ethical hunters and attentive too conservation.
On this page is where you will find information on upcoming Hunter safety classes. We will post new class dates and enrollment information. This information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

March 6, 2021 Update Hunter safety information

March 6, 2021 There are many folks taking the online class and needing to complete the field day segment to obtain their certification, unfortunately due to covid the state has set the class size for such activities to 25, that includes instructors and staff. It will take quite some time for us to catch up at that pace. We are hopeful that will soon change please be patient.

March 16 2020 Hunter Safety schedule

All classes (Hunter Safety) have been cancel or postpone by executive order. We are still having classes in the fall as of now. Sorry kids!

2019 Hunter Safety schedule
April 6th and 7th.
August 31 st and September 1 st.

Students must attended both days, No electronic devices allowed in the class room except for parents with cell phones on vibrate. Bring a lunch if you like. On line students needing the field day portion must attend Sundays class from 1PM until 4PM. Dress for the weather we will be outdoors Sunday after noon.

September 8 / 9 Hunter Safety Class

Our fall hunter safety class in 2018. Great turnout, vary good students it was a pleasure having them. Thank you to our sponsors for their support, they make it possible for the class to take place free of charge. Our 2018 champion sponsor Whitetails Unlimited and to our longtime sponsor Safari Club International (Michigan chapter). We are vary great full for their generosity. Special thank you to our local Conservation Officer Mike Wells for making time to address the class and assist with the field day segment. We wish all of our students a safe and successful hunt. Once again thank you on behalf of CSYDV.